Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers in Essendon

As we age, our bodies stop producing elastin and collagen, the natural substances that provide our skin with the volume and elasticity that gives us our youthful appearance. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way. With dermal fillers in Essendon from Visage Medical Aesthetics, it’s possible to restore youthfulness and vitality to your appearance. By injecting these fillers into the typical problem areas on the face, you can refresh your look and take years off your appearance.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are gel-based injectables that help to restore smooth, youthful skin. Their key ingredient is a substance which is found naturally in the skin. They’re commonly used to enhance volume to the face, which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, folds and flattened areas on the skin. The most common areas of the face that fillers are applied to include:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Tear troughs
  • Upper eyelids
  • Nose
  • Chin
  • Corners of the mouth

Additionally, dermal fillers can also be used as a non-surgical means of enhancing facial features such as the lips, cheeks and chin. They can be used to minimise the appearance of bags under the eyes, reduce jowls and shape the brows, among many other treatment possibilities. Speak to our specialist about the options that could best suit you.

How Are Dermal Fillers Administered?

Dermal fillers should always be administered by a trained and qualified professional to reduce the risk of side effects. When you come to our clinic for dermal fillers in Essendon, our specialist will rub a light anaesthetic cream into the treated areas to reduce possible discomfort before injecting a small amount of dermal filler into the skin. Typically, most fillers will last between 6 to 18 months, after which you can allow them to dissolve or come in for another treatment.

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Dermal Filler- $500 per ml